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Picture Day 2019

What day is picture day?
  • Saturday May 25th
  • If your dancer will be ABSENT for their photo, please let their teacher know
  • Regular scheduled classes are cancelled on this day
What time is my child’s photos at?
  • Information sheets will be sent home with your dancer which will include your picture day time
  • They will also be posted on our website on our News and Events Page
  • We ask the dancers to arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled picture day time as we may run ahead and we do not want your dancer missing out on their photos
You can also click below to view the picture day times
What should my child wear?
  • Your dancer is required to be in their full costume
  • Costumes will be sent home with dancers as they arrive (please make sure you have paid in Full and have no outstanding dance fees)
Hair and Makeup?
  • Stage make-up should be wore, neutral eye colours, pink blush, black mascara, and red lip stick is preferred
  • Each class will have a specific hairstyle as specified by each teacher
  • Class information sheets will be sent home with your dancer, this sheet will include your picture day time, hair and makeup requirements as well as a costume checklist
Things to avoid:
  • No jewellery, bracelets, watches, etc.
  • No nail polish
  • No Temporary Tattoos
  • Dancers should not wear underwear that will be visible or noticeable through their costumes

Where do I park?

  • Picture Day is VERY BUSY in the studio parking lot as well as in the studio lobby. We ask for your patience and understanding
  • If the back parking lot is full, you can park in the front parking lot, the subdivision behind the studio or across the street
  • IMPORTANT: The church parking lot next door is not a place where you can park
What do I do when I arrive?
  • Upon arrival please wait with your dancer until their class is called into the waiting area (Studio Room ‘A’).
  • Miss Barb will call classes into Studio A as we are ready for them
  • IMPORTANT: NO PARENTS are allowed into the waiting area or the photo room – you must remain in the studio lobby or outside (weather pending)
  • A staff member will take the dancers into the photo room (Studio Rooms ‘B’ and ‘C’) and bring the dancers back out into the lobby to meet up with you when they are finished with their pictures
Buying Your Photos
  • No money is due on picture day
  • Basic photos packages (An individual photo and a group photo) will be for sale on the day of our Dress Rehearsal and on Recital Day
  • You may view and purchase your photos at our Dress Rehearsal and Recital on June 21st and 22nd at Welland Centennial Secondary School
  • See below for more information about special photo packages
Click Below to Download a PDF of the basic Package information
Click Below to download a PDF of Special Package Information